10 Best Ski Bindings Of 2024

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024

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Lock in your ski season success with the best ten ski bindings of 2024. These picks stand out for their assurance of safety, versatility for all terrains, and cutting-edge technology. Highlighting strengths, potential drawbacks, and skier compatibility, we’ll navigate you through the latest and greatest to hit the slopes, tailored to fine-tune your ski experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The top ski bindings in 2024, such as the Salomon Shift Pro 13 MNC and Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12, offer advanced features like hybrid use, compatibility with various boots, and enhanced performance for both backcountry and downhill skiing.

  • Touring bindings have evolved for better safety with features like heel risers and adjustable release values, and they cater to uphill and backcountry efficiency without compromising downhill performance.

  • Durability and material choices in ski bindings are critical, with some models, like the Cast Freetour Pivot 15, providing robust aluminum and steel constructions that balance longevity and price.

2024’s Premier Ski Bindings

Regarding ski bindings, the options are as varied as the skiers themselves. Every skier has unique needs and preferences, from backcountry explorers to downhill dominators. We’ve carefully selected the top ski bindings of 2024 based on their performance, compatibility, and user preferences.

These backcountry bindings balance practicality and performance demands, offering options for various skiing styles and terrains, including mid-fat junior skis.

Salomon Shift Pro 13 MNC

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Salomon SLab Shift MNC 13 2

At the forefront of hybrid bindings is the Salomon Shift Pro 13 MNC, a game-changer in the world of ski gear. This revolutionary binding combines the uphill efficiency of a tech binding with the downhill performance of an alpine binding.

Its unique toe piece transitions from a tech style for climbing to a certified alpine setup for descending, making it a reliable option for varying terrains. However, lighter or less aggressive skiers may find stepping into the binding a bit challenging.

Nevertheless, with its compatibility with both alpine and GripWalk boots and consistent release mechanism, this binding is a top option for those prioritizing downhill performance.

Our Take

The Salomon Shift Pro 13 MNC ski bindings represent a blend of innovation, performance, and versatility. They eliminate the need for separate alpine and touring setups, which I love! This makes them an ideal choice for skiers like you. Whether carving down groomed pistes or exploring untouched backcountry slopes, these bindings give you the flexibility, reliability, and performance you’re looking for.

Marker Kingpin M-Werks

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Marker Kingpin M Werks

For the skilled backcountry skiers out there, Marker Kingpin M Werks is a high-performance binding that stands out. With carbon reinforcement in the toe and heel pieces, this binding minimizes weight while optimizing performance. It excels in both side-country terrain and mixed resort/backcountry conditions, broadening its use for various skiing adventures.

Despite the higher price point, the Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 is recognized for its balance between cost, walkability, and impressive power transmission.

Our Take

These bindings excel in both uphill ease and downhill performance. Their lightweight construction minimizes fatigue on ascents, enhancing touring efficiency. Transitioning between modes is straightforward, facilitating swift changes from touring to alpine settings.

Downhill, they deliver solid ski control and power transfer comparable to dedicated alpine bindings. Durable across varied conditions, the Kingpin M-Werks blend the best of touring flexibility with alpine reliability, making them a preferred choice for versatile skiing adventures.

Dynafit TLT Radical ST 20

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Dynafit TLT Radical ST 20

The Dynafit TLT Radical ST 20 touring binding offers:

  • A rotational toe piece for improved shock absorption and durability

  • Versatility for both touring and side country outings

  • A wider baseplate and mounting pattern for enhanced power transfer to the ski, especially in demanding conditions.

One of its standout features is the reduced heel pin height, which facilitates a more natural and comfortable skiing stance. This binding promises a long lifespan and sustained performance with a robust aluminum construction.

Our Take

Users praise the Dynafit TLT Radical ST 2.0 ski bindings for their improved ease of use and reliability in the backcountry. The step-in mechanism, enhanced with visual indicators, significantly simplifies entry. Overall, the consensus is that these bindings offer a solid balance of lightweight touring efficiency and downhill security, making them a favorite among ski touring enthusiasts.

Touring Binding Breakdown

Having examined the top ski bindings of 2024, it’s time to delve into the specifics of touring bindings. These bindings are designed with a focus on lightweight designs and versatility. Modern touring bindings, like the Fritschi Scout 11 and Radical ST 2.0, adhere to established safety standards, enhancing consumer confidence.

They offer a variety of brake sizes to ensure compatibility. They can accommodate a range of footwear options, including junior boot lug designs, reflecting the adaptability of current touring bindings with the help of an anti-friction device.

Boot Sole Compatibility

One crucial factor to consider when selecting ski bindings is boot sole compatibility. Bindings with Multi-Norm Certified (MNC) offer compatibility with a range of boot sole standards, including Alpine, WTR, and GripWalk. Ensure your bindings are compatible with your ski boots to avoid purchasing issues.

Some bindings, like the Marker Alpinist 12, offer features like sliding AFDs, auto-adjusting toe wings, and boot sole adjustment options that facilitate compatibility with a wider range of alpine boot sizes and types.

Heel Riser Functionality

Despite their small size, heel risers in touring bindings pack a mighty punch. They elevate the heel, reducing calf muscle fatigue and improving uphill efficiency. Some bindings offer multiple heel riser positions for varying slope angles and skier preferences. Advanced bindings might even reduce the need for heel unit rotations with designs that allow a single 180-degree turn of the heel unit to switch between low-riser or flat modes.

Transition Ease

Your backcountry experience can be significantly boosted by efficient transitions between ski and walk modes in touring bindings. Some designs minimize the time and effort required to make these changes. For instance:

  • The Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 facilitates transitions with an updated lever arm aligned with the natural stride.

  • The Dynafit TLT Speedfit offers a quick and easy transition system.

  • The G3 Ion LT 12 has a simple and reliable transition mechanism.

However, some bindings like the ATK Trofeo Plus might have a limited feature set affecting the ease of transitions.

Regardless, transitioning becomes easier and more intuitive with practice, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings more.

Alpine Bindings: The Downhill Dominators

In the skiing world, alpine bindings reign supreme in downhill domination. Engineered to conquer steep slopes and tackle high-speed descents, downhill bindings like the Salomon S/Lab Shift MNC 13 and Marker Duke PT 16 offer uncompromised downhill performance.

Their robust construction and reliable performance make them the go-to choice for aggressive downhill riding.

Salomon Strive 14 GW

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Salomon Strive 14 GW

The Salomon Strive 14 GW bindings boast the following features:

  • Low profile design that translates the feel of the ski and terrain more effectively to the skier

  • Lighter weight and reduced stack height for a closer connection to the skis, enhancing control and precision

  • User-friendly in demanding conditions, such as on steep slopes and in deep snow

Constructed to be solid and reliable, the Salomon Strive 14 GW bindings don’t compromise on torsional rigidity during high-speed descents.

Our Take

Feedback on the Salomon Strive 14 GW ski bindings centers around their impressive balance of lightweight construction and strong performance on the slopes. Skiers are appreciating the low-profile design, which enhances power transmission and ski feel, allowing for precise control and responsiveness. The compatibility with alpine and the GripWalk boot soles is also a significant plus. Users commend the ease of step-in and the reliable release mechanism, which boosts confidence in varied terrain.

Tyrolia Attack² 16 AT

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Tyrolia Attack² 16 GW

Catering to the needs of aggressive downhill skiers, the Tyrolia Attack² 16 AT bindings are designed with a DIN range of 5-16. These bindings offer easy step-in functionality even in difficult terrains, making them a reliable choice for skiers tackling steep and technical descents.

Our Take

The Tyrolia Attack² 16 AT ski bindings are lauded for their robust construction and high-performance capabilities, catering well to aggressive skiers. Users appreciate the versatility offered by the AT (Alpine Touring) feature, allowing for compatibility with both alpine and touring boots. The bindings are noted for their precise control and power transfer, enhancing the skiing experience on challenging terrains.

The easy-to-use adjustment settings and reliable release mechanism are highlighted as key benefits. Overall, the Tyrolia Attack² 16 AT is favored for its durability, versatility, and the confidence it instills in skiers tackling a wide range of slopes.

Tech Bindings: The Uphill Innovators

Shifting the focus to uphill efficiency brings tech bindings into the limelight. These bindings, like the ATK Trofeo Plus and Plum Guide 12, offer:

  • Lightweight and compact designs

  • Durability and capability

  • It is ideal for ski mountaineers aka skimo racers who value uphill performance and efficient transitions.

ATK Trofeo Plus

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
ATK Trofeo Plus

The ATK Trofeo Plus binding features:

  • Sturdy construction suitable for both skimo racing and all-around backcountry use

  • Weighs just 630g for the 90mm brake version

  • Adjustable BSL range

  • Compatible with standard-style ski crampons

  • Two heel lift levels for enhanced uphill performance

This ski binding is an ideal choice for competitive ski mountaineering.

Our Take

The ATK Trofeo Plus bindings are highly regarded for their ultralight weight and reliability, making them a top choice among ski mountaineers and backcountry enthusiasts. Users praise their simplicity and efficiency, highlighting the ease of switching between modes, facilitating a seamless transition from climbing to skiing.

Despite their minimalistic design, skiers are impressed with the Trofeo Plus’s solid performance on descents, offering good control and stability.

Plum Guide 12

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Plum Guide 12

The Plum Guide 12 is a lightweight freeride binding that balances lightness and solid construction, ideal for diverse skiing conditions. This binding caters to various terrains with its features:

  • 84mm riser for steeper tracks

  • Standard 59mm riser

  • Option to be set flat

  • Ski crampon slot for enhanced versatility in different snow conditions

However, it doesn’t include a brake option, making it less suitable for those who require ski brakes in their setup.

Our Take

The Plum Guide 12 bindings receive accolades for their exceptional build quality and precision, catering to the needs of both avid tourers and freeriders. Users admire the bindings for their robustness and reliability in the backcountry, emphasizing their confidence-inspiring performance during descents.

The ease of use, including straightforward adjustments and efficient transitions between modes, is also a highlight.

Hybrid Bindings: Versatility Meets Performance

In the realm of ski bindings, hybrid bindings stand out as the ultimate all-rounders. These bindings offer a seamless transition from alpine to touring modes, catering to skiers seeking versatility in every terrain. They are engineered to switch from walk to ski mode conveniently on the go, allowing skiers more time to enjoy their surroundings without the hassle of taking off their skis.

Fritschi Tecton 13

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Fritschi Tecton 13

The Fritschi Tecton 13 Touring Binding is designed for backcountry skiers who demand downhill binding-like performance in a touring package. This binding blends power transfer and safety for varied terrain. It features a non-rotating alpine-style heel that enhances power transmission, allowing skiers to drive larger, heavier touring skis effectively.

It also includes 9mm of heel elasticity to reduce the risk of prerelease during aggressive skiing, thanks to the quick-adjustable compact heel feature and an innovative toe and heel designs.

Our Take

These bindings are highly praised for blending the efficiency of a tech binding with the performance of an alpine binding. Users appreciate the innovative toe piece for secure, easy entry and the heel piece that offers excellent power transmission on descents.

The ability to switch between touring and ski modes easily and the compatibility with tech and alpine boots are significant pluses. Skiers also note the bindings’ reliability and safety features, including dynamic release values.

Customizable Comfort: Bindings with Adjustable Release Values

Customization plays a paramount role when considering comfort and safety on the slopes. Ski bindings with adjustable release values, known as DIN settings, are crucial for ensuring a skier’s safety by providing a tailored release force based on the skier’s characteristics.

Bindings like the Marker Alpinist 12 and the Tecton 13 feature adjustable lateral and vertical release settings, offering skiers customizable comfort and safety.

Marker Alpinist 12

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Marker Alpinist 12

The Marker Alpinist 12 bindings are a stellar example of bindings that offer adjustable lateral and vertical release values. These bindings customize different weights and skiing styles, ensuring a personalized safety setting for each skier.

The lateral release value of the Marker Alpinist 12 is customizable, offering a safety setting tailored to the skier’s personal preferences.

Our Take

The Marker Alpinist 12 is widely acclaimed for its lightweight design and strong uphill performance, making it a favorite among touring enthusiasts. Users commend the bindings for their simplicity, ease of use, and reliability in securing the boot, especially during long ascents.

The Alpinist 12’s low-profile design is noted for enhancing ski responsiveness and control on the descent without adding unnecessary weight. Additionally, the adjustable release settings and compatibility with a range of boot soles are appreciated for their versatility and safety.

Durability and Material Choices

Lastly, durability should never be overlooked as a crucial factor in selecting ski bindings. While metal is typically considered stronger, real-world experiences suggest that metal might not always be more durable.

Ski bindings like the Salomon Shift MNC 13, ATK Raider 13 Evo, and Look Pivot GW showcase durable material choices. These bindings balance price and durability, helping you make an informed choice.

Cast Freetour Pivot 15

Best Ski Bindings Of 2024
Cast Freetour Pivot 15

The Cast Freetour Pivot 15 binding, with its heavy gauge aluminum and steel construction, embodies durability. This binding incorporates durable materials and features the renowned Look Pivot design, renowned for its resilience and enhanced durability owing to extra release points.

Our Take

The Cast Freetour Pivot 15 bindings are receiving rave reviews for their innovative design that combines the reliability of alpine bindings with the versatility of a touring setup. Skiers are especially impressed with the system’s ease of switching between touring and alpine modes, allowing for efficient transitions without sacrificing downhill performance.

The Pivot 15’s retention and release mechanism is praised for offering safety and confidence akin to high-end alpine bindings, while its durability and performance in challenging conditions are also highlighted.


We’ve covered a lot of ground in this post, from the top ski bindings of 2024 to the specifics of various types of bindings. We’ve explored these bindings’ vital role in your skiing experience and the importance of factors like boot sole compatibility, heel riser functionality, and adjustable release values. We hope this post has provided valuable insights, helping you make an informed choice when selecting the perfect ski bindings for your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top ski bindings of 2024?

The top ski bindings of 2024 are Salomon Shift Pro 13 MNC, Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12, and Dynafit Radical ST 2.0. These bindings offer excellent performance and reliability for skiers.

What is the importance of boot sole compatibility in ski bindings?

Boot sole compatibility in ski bindings is crucial because it ensures optimal performance and safety by allowing the bindings and boots to work together effectively.

How do heel risers in touring bindings enhance skiing performance?

Heel risers in touring bindings enhance skiing performance by reducing calf muscle fatigue, improving uphill efficiency, and accommodating varying slope angles and skier preferences.

What are the benefits of bindings with adjustable release values?

Adjustable release values in bindings provide a personalized setting for optimal safety and performance tailored to the skier’s characteristics. This ensures a tailored release force for each skier.

How do I ensure the durability of my ski bindings?

To ensure durability in your ski bindings, consider materials like heavy gauge aluminum, steel, and high-strength plastic for enhanced strength and longevity. This combination of materials can provide the durability you’re looking for.

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