REI Trailmade 60 Pack: Unlock Your Grit, Trail Confidence Now

REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 Pack Review 2023

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The REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 has a separate sleeping bag compartment, adjustable torso length, water bottle pockets, and hip belt pockets. The REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 features an adjustable torso, making the backpacking adventure even more enjoyable. The hip belt, compression straps, and hydration reservoir-compatible backpack are ideal for a long hiking trip.

If you plan to invest in a REI Co-Op backpacking pack, here is all you need to know.

What is REI Trailmade 60 pack?

The REI Trailmade is the best backpack with recycled materials and intuitive features, such as a bottom sleeping bag compartment. It has several exterior pockets and stash pockets for easy access anytime. The top-loading main compartment has an internal divider that you can collapse to increase the space.

The REI technical specs will tell you you can collapse the top lid to fit the bulkier items. You can also collapse the sleeping bag compartment to increase the space in the backpacking pack and increase the space available.

Who Created REI Trailmade 60 Pack?

Recreational Equipment, Inc., a member-owned co-operative firm, manufactures the REI backpack.

Top Benefits of REI Trailmade 60 Pack?

The benefits of the REI 60 backpack are as follows:

  • The REI Co-Op backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, making it easy to adjust to torso length
  • The adjustable torso comfortably fits the torso length of both men and women
  • The gear has hip belt pockets to keep your phone and extra food packets
  • The stash pockets on the back offer quick access and extra layers compatible with storing additional items

Best Features of the REI Trailmade 60 Pack

The REI backpack is one of the best mid-range backpacks designed to make your next backpacking adventure immensely memorable. For instance, it comes with external compression straps that keep the load tight and make it easy to carry the backpack. The shove-it pocket of the bag allows easy access anytime to items you need on the go and even to tie your tent poles. These features and many more make it one of the best backpacks for a hiking trip.

REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 Pack Review 2023

Adjustable Main Compartment

Regarding the fit adjustment user tips, you will first find that you can use the shoulder straps and the hip belt to keep the load tight. This makes the bag easy to carry and suitable to be used by more people. The main compartment has additional space for a sleeping bag, which you can collapse to increase the space.

Suitable Gear for Extended Backpacking Trips

The contoured hip belt provides suitably positioned hip belt pockets with easy access to items stored in the bags. You can purchase the Rainshield pocket separately, and the Packmod hip belt extender can add ample storage space to the backpack, making it suitable for longer trips.

REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 Pack Review 2023

Separate Water Bottle Pockets

Along with the hydration reservoir compatible storage space, you have two water bottle pockets and separate hip belt pockets to store additional bottles. You can also use the mesh pocket to keep the bottles and stay hydrated during your trip.

REI Trailmade 60 Pack Pricing

The regular and the extended size of the REI Trailmade 60 pack is priced at $149.00

REI Trailmade 60 Pack Pros and Cons

When you invest more than a hundred dollars in a backpack, you must ensure it is worth the investment. You must ensure that the main compartment, pack size, and backpacking material are ideal for you.

REI Trailmade 60 Pack Pros

REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 Pack Review 2023
  • Wide top lid
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Easy pack access
  • The same price for small and extended-size
  • Pocket to keep trekking poles
  • Gear to keep a wider range of items
  • Lightweight backpacking gear

This pack has several features, such as an adjustable torso and lightweight, making it one of the best backpacking gear. However, certain drawbacks are discussed below.

REI Trailmade 60 Pack Cons

  • Padding is uncomfortable under heavy weight load
  • Design is quite basic

REI Trailmade 60 Pack Alternatives

Conclusion: Should You Buy REI Trailmade 60 Pack?

REI Co-Op Trailmade 60 Pack Review 2023

If you are looking for a sustainable backpack that does not add to the landfills and is at the same time bluesign®-approved, then you must purchase the REI Trailmade. The new line of the REI trailbreak is designed to make it easier to pack your hiking gear and your sleeping bag.

The REI Trailmade aims to provide customers with an affordable backpack for long hiking trips and even on treks. The REI Trailbreak has all the features suitable to be carried by both men and women.

So, if you are looking for lightweight backpacking gear to make your next hiking trip comfortable, you should purchase the REI Co-Op Trailmade 60-pack today.

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