“When you start a new trail equipped with courage, strength, and conviction, the only thing that can stop you is you.”
-Ruby Bridges

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Behind the blog

We are Christy and Patrick. We founded life in utopia to inspire others to start living today because there is no guarantee of tomorrow. We aim to provide information and recommendations that you can put into action right away. We hope you find something of value here whether you are an adventure seeker, traveler, or just exploring fresh perspectives on how to build your own life in utopia.   Time to get after it!


  • life in utopia

    Patrick and Christy are the founders of life in utopia, an online platform that celebrates outdoor activities and travel. Patrick, an avid outdoorsman, finds joy in skiing, hiking, and backpacking, immersing himself in the wonders of the natural world. In his downtime, he cherishes moments with his wife and two dogs. Similarly, Christy is passionate about creating enjoyable experiences for everyone. Her love for skiing, hiking, backpacking, diving, and sailing reflects her deep appreciation for outdoor adventures. Alongside this, she takes delight in pampering her two adorable goldendoodle girls.