Mountain Hardwear Men’s Firefall Bibs Review

Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bibs

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As winter’s grip tightens, the quest for the ultimate outdoor gear becomes paramount for enthusiasts braving the chill for adventure. Among the many options, the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Firefall Bib emerges as a hope for those seeking to combine performance with comfort.

Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib

This piece is more than just winter wear; it’s a testament to Mountain Hardwear’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of outdoor gear. This review will dive into what makes the Firefall Bib a must-have for the winter warrior.

My Take

Having owned a few Firefall bibs, I’ve been notably impressed by their quality and insulating ability. These bibs are essential to my cold-weather gear since I stay warm while skiing. I reserve these bibs for the deepest parts of winter when temperatures drop to the teens and twenties.

One of my standout features has been their excellent waterproofing and superior windproof capabilities. I usually stick with the standard black, which suits me fine, as they’re almost always available in stock. At my height of 5’9″, the standard length fits perfectly, though it’s worth mentioning they also offer short and long sizes for varying heights.

Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib
Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib Fashion Show

Lastly, I’m particularly fond of the kangaroo-style chest pocket and the nylon kickpatches, which have proven durable against the wear and tear of my bindings and ski boots.

Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib
Nylon kickpatches

Specs and Features:

Mountain Hardwear has meticulously crafted the Men’s Firefall Bib with various features to provide unmatched protection and flexibility in harsh winter conditions. Here’s what sets this bib apart:

Material and Construction: Utilizing a durable 2-layer waterproof Dry.Q fabric and breathable shell, the Firefall Bib ensures you stay dry and comfortable, regardless of the weather.

Insulation: 60 grams of synthetic insulation.

Ventilation System: The bib’s adjustable outer thigh vents allow the wearer to regulate their body temperature on the fly, an invaluable feature during intense physical activity.

Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib
Outer thigh vents

Adjustability and Comfort: With adjustable suspenders and a stretch back panel, the bib accommodates a wide range of body sizes and shapes, ensuring a comfortable, custom fit.

Pockets and Utility: Equipped with strategically placed pockets, including zippered hand pockets and two cargo pockets, the bib provides ample storage for essentials, all within easy reach.

Durability Enhancements: Reinforced scuff guards and articulated knees stand up to the rigors of outdoor activity, ensuring the bib remains a reliable companion for seasons to come.


  • Versatile Protection: The combination of waterproof and breathable materials provides robust protection against the elements and is suitable for various winter activities.
  • Customizable Comfort: The ability to control ventilation and layering options allows for personalized comfort and temperature management.
  • Enhanced Durability: Reinforced areas and high-quality construction mean the Firefall Bib is built to withstand the test of time and terrain.
Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib


  • Lack of Insulation: Some users prefer a bib with built-in insulation for simplicity and ease, especially in consistently cold conditions.
  • Premium Pricing: The high-quality features and construction come at a cost, potentially making the Firefall Bib unattainable for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Color Options: Limited color selections may disappoint those looking for specific aesthetics or matching with other gear.


The Mountain Hardwear Men’s Firefall Bib is a paragon of outdoor winter gear, offering an impressive blend of versatility, durability, and thoughtful design. Its ability to adapt to varying conditions through customizable layering and ventilation sets it apart in a crowded market of winter apparel.

Mountain Hardwear Firefall Bib

While the absence of built-in insulation and the higher price point might deter some, the investment in such high-caliber gear is justified for those serious about their winter pursuits. Whether carving down slopes, scaling icy peaks, or enjoying the winter wonderland, the Firefall Bib is a reliable foundation for cold-weather adventures.

Mountain Hardwear has once again raised the bar, offering an exemplary solution for winter enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on performance or comfort.

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