Helinox Chair Zero: The Only Chair You’ll Ever Need

Helinox Chair Zero review

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Gone are the days when a backpacking trip to the countryside was only about being close to nature. Comfort is also incredibly important. Maybe a few years ago, nobody had imagined in their wildest dreams that a backpacking chair is necessary for any hiking or camping endeavor.

But, nowadays, nobody is willing to spend their adventures sitting on logs and rocks. In 2023, backpacking chairs are all the rage; people who frequently opt for adventures buy them left, right, and center.

Among the best backpacking chairs available in the market, the Helinox Chair Zero stands out. What is it, and do you need Helinox in your life? Let us find out!

What is the Helinox Chair Zero?

Helinox Chair Zero Review 2023

As the name suggests, the Helinox Chair Zero is a backpacking chair that weighs 17 ounces, thereby becoming one of the lightest folding leg0off-the ground support anywhere in the world.

It packs up to the size of an ultralight sleeping pad that you can set up in under a minute. Besides, the Helinox has a durable and strenuous DAC aluminum pole hub for comfort. With innovation in design, impeccable airiness, and high-quality construction, the Helinox Chair Zero stands out as among backpackers’ most sought-after accessories.

Who Created the Helinox Chair Zero?

The Chair Zero’s an ideation and creation of the premium camp furniture Helinox. They deal in camping chairs, cots, tents, and more.

Top Benefits of the Helinox Chair Zero

Some of the major benefits of the Helinox Chair Zero are –


The Zero boasts a miniature size, stellar convenience, and easy setup, making it a remarkably comfortable seating option. Despite its compact dimensions, the Chair Zero offers exceptional comfort and support due to its thoughtful design and user-friendly features.


When it comes to durability and life expectancy, the Helinox chair backpacking truly stands out. Although this backpacking chair only has two pieces – the DAC aluminum poles and the nylon ripstop chair back, both are extremely well-made and will surely last you for years on end.

Lightweight and Compact

The Helinox backpacking chair is one of the lightest in the world. In fact, the Helinox weighs the same as a half-liter water bottle. At a mere weight of 18 ounces, it is easy to fit the Zero in the side pocket of most backpacking packs with or without the stuff sack.

Easy to Use

Helinox is incredibly easy to use. The company – Helinox – has dummy-proofed the model’s setup. In fact, setting up Helinox is one of the easiest and most foolproof tasks. Likewise, putting the chair away is also incredibly easy, simple, and swift.

Best Features of the Helinox Chair Zero

The Helinox chair is truly one-of-a-kind. Some of its best features include –


With a weight of approximately 490 grams, the Zero stands out as one of the lightest and most effortless seating options to bring along on adventurous trips. Its lightweight design makes it a convenient choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking easy portability without compromising on comfort.

Great Dimensions

The Helinox features generous dimensions that provide ample space for a comfortable seating experience, ensuring it adequately accommodates individuals of various sizes. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot to relax or require a supportive chair for extended periods of sitting, the Helinox Zero is an excellent choice for those who value comfort and ergonomic design.

DAC Aluminum Hub Pole

The Helinox Chair Zero is constructed using a lightweight pole, making it effortless to dismantle and assemble. With its user-friendly design, you can quickly take down and set up the chair, allowing for hassle-free transportation and convenient usage in various settings.


Crafted from durable and high-quality ripstop fabric, the Helinox Chair Zero offers exceptional resilience, ensuring it remains tear-resistant even under demanding conditions. Designed to withstand rugged use, this chair provides peace of mind, knowing that it can endure various outdoor adventures without compromising its integrity.

Height off Ground

With a height that elevates it almost a foot above the ground, the Helinox Chair Zero strikes a balance between providing the sensation of sitting on a proper chair and maintaining its portability. While it may not reach the height of a typical resting chair found in your living room, it offers a comfortable seating position that allows for relaxation and support during outdoor activities or on-the-go adventures.

The Helinox Chair Zero pricing

Currently, the Helinox Chair Zero is priced at $125.

Helinox Chair Zero Pros and Cons

Of course, the Helinox Chair Zero is a marvel for a backpacker’s sitting requirements. However, just like anything else in the world, Helinox also has pros and cons. What are they? Let us find out!


The pros of the Helinox chair zero are –

  • One of the lightest portable chairs available
  • Small and not bulky
  • Easy to assemble and pack away
  • Built with high-quality, durable materials
  • A range of accessories available
  • Comfortable for short-term sitting
  • 5-year warranty for any manufacturing defects

Now that we have touched upon the pros of Helinox, let us look at a few of its cons.


  • Sits quite low on the ground
  • Unstable on wet, soft ground or rocky terrain
  • Not great for long-term sitting
  • Expensive
  • Not suited for taller people

Helinox Chair Zero Alternative

Some of the substitutes of the Helinox Chair Zero are –

My Experience Using the Helinox Chair Zero

I had an absolutely delightful experience using the Helinox Chair Zero. The backpacking seat has such an ease of functionality and top-tier comfort. Of course, its lightweightness is the unique selling proposition. I highly recommend the Helinox Chair Zero to anyone who loves adventures and frequently goes hiking, camping, and backpacking.


So, we have a comprehensive overview of Helinox Chair Zero. As you focus on the tent and sleeping bag to invest in, investing in a good quality backpacking seat is also crucial.

The Helinox Chair Zero is one of the best in the market, and few companies can say that they have made the best and most lightweight backpacking chair of the 21st century.

Thus, in a nutshell, if you love relaxing and doing activities like reading a book or fishing during your backpacking trips, then it is worth taking the amazing Helinox Chair Zero along!

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