15 Entertaining Ideas To Enhance Your Road Trips

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

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Finding fun things to do in the car on a road trip can make a great adventure for families, but entertaining adults and kids can be challenging. Planning road trips that cater to everyone’s interests and keep everyone entertained throughout the journey is important.

Whether you play games, listen to audiobooks or podcasts, or make frequent stops to explore, there are plenty of ways to make a road trip or even a long car ride fun and engaging for adults and kids before boredom sets in. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks for entertaining adults and kids on a road trip that will make your journey as enjoyable as your final destination.

1. Audiobooks

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Audiobooks have revolutionized the way people consume literature. Unlike traditional books, audiobooks allow readers to listen to their favorite novels, memoirs, or self-help books on audio. This format offers several benefits that make audiobooks popular for those who love reading.

Audiobooks provide a welcome escape for people constantly on the go or on long car rides like road trips. They allow listeners to lose themselves in a good book (which can be hard to do on a quick trip) without having to set aside time to sit down and read. Audiobooks are also great for multitasking or for people who prefer to engage in other fun activities while they read.

In recent years, audiobooks have seen a surge in popularity, with the rise of audiobook streaming services like Audible and audiobook features on e-readers. It’s never been easier to listen to your favorite novels or learn something new through a self-help book. If you or your family is learning a new language, download a language learning app.

If you have Amazon Prime, Audible on your phone is one of the best apps since your prime membership can get you access to free books.

2. Podcasts

Listen to a podcast; they are a great way to keep everyone in the car entertained and engaged during road trips. Countless educational and entertaining podcasts are available on various topics, from science to sports, history, music, or learn a language, and everything else.

Podcasts can provide an excellent source of entertainment for both adults and kids, allowing each person to pick something that interests them and tune in for a few hours. Podcasts also provide an excellent opportunity to learn something new without spending money or leaving the car – a perfect opportunity if you’re on a budget or running low on time.

No fancy gadgets are needed; just sync your phone to the car.

3. Trivia games

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Trivia games are an excellent way to keep adults and kids entertained and engaged during a long road trip. Games like Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy challenge players to test their knowledge across various subjects, providing a fun and competitive way to learn new facts and information.

Playing trivia games on the road can be a great opportunity to bond with your family or friends while learning new things. Plus, with so many variations of trivia games available, you’re sure to find one that everyone in the car will enjoy. So, the next time you hit the road, pack a trivia game and get ready to have so much fun!

4. Play Road Trip Games

Road trip games are a classic and fun way to spice things up during a long journey. Games like 20 Questions, the License Plate Game, Alphabet Game, and I Spy challenge players to think creatively and pay attention to their surroundings, making the journey more engaging and interactive. Road trip games are entertaining and can help improve cognitive and communication skills.

Many of these games are easy to play, and their simplicity allows players of all ages to participate. So, whether you’re traveling with friends or family, pull out a classic road trip game – like 20 Questions or the License Plate Game – and get ready to have some fun!

5. Music playlists

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Music is a great way to keep everyone happy on long trips. Creating a music playlist with your favorite songs, artists, or genres can help pass the time and make the journey more enjoyable. Not only does music help to set the tone of the trip, but it can also bring back fond memories and create a fun, lighthearted atmosphere.

Allowing your kids to pick their own music list is also a great way to involve them in the planning process of the trip and give them a sense of control. With the availability of online music streaming services, making a playlist is easier than ever, and you can even download songs or playlists for offline use.

So, create your playlist or let your kids pick some of their favorite tunes – it’s sure to make your road trip a little more enjoyable.

6. Would You Rather

The game Would You Rather is a great way to pass the time on the road. All you have to do is ask people questions that make them choose between two options. These questions can be silly and so much fun, or they can be more thought-provoking and complex.

No matter what type of question you ask, playing Would You Rather can help kick-start conversations and get everyone thinking critically. So, the next time you’re looking for something to do while on a road trip, why not try out Would You Rather?

It’s sure to be both entertaining and stimulating. Remember, the next person can ask you any question, so be nice when playing this one.

7. Road Trip Snacks

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Snacks are road trip essentials and can make the journey more enjoyable. Packing your favorite road trip snacks and munching on them as you drive can keep everyone in the car happy and satisfied. Snacking while driving can also help keep energy levels up and prevent unnecessary stops.

Choosing healthy snacks like fresh fruits, trail mix, and vegetable sticks can also help improve mood and reduce stress. Alternatively, indulging in treats like candy, chips, or cookies can provide an enjoyable and welcome break from the road monotony.

Packing various snacks that cater to different tastes and preferences can help ensure everyone in the car is satisfied, making for a happier and more enjoyable road trip experience.

8. DIY Scavenger Hunt

A DIY scavenger hunt is a great way to pass the time on long road trips. Create a list of items to spot along the journey and get everyone involved in finding them. Not only will this keep everyone’s minds sharp and alert, but it can also be a great source of entertainment.

You could ask people to find specific types of animals, buildings, or other landmarks – whatever you can imagine! Challenge your group to see who can spot all the items first, and have some fun with it! Who knows – you might even learn something new while at it.

9. Camera Challenge

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

The camera challenge is a fun and interactive way to explore roadside attractions and landmarks during a road trip. Taking turns to capture photos of interesting places out on the open road can add an element of competitiveness and creativity to the journey.

It’s a great way to capture memories, create a visual diary of your travels and showcase your photography skills. To make it more engaging, you can set some rules, like only taking pictures of things that start with a specific letter or only photos of things with a particular color.

Acquiring different perspectives from various photographers can also add depth and interest to the photos, making them more fun to look at later. So, grab your camera or smartphone and start capturing the beauty of your road trip right outside your car window!

10. Charades

A game of charades is a great way to bring fun and entertainment to your road trip. Act out your favorite movies, TV shows, or books while on the go, and get the whole car involved. Charades is a classic party game that requires no special setup or rules, plus it can be easily adjusted to fit around any number of people playing.

Plus, it’s a great way to keep everyone engaged and in high spirits! You might even come up with some hilarious moments – perfect for making unforgettable memories.

11. Travel Journal

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Keeping a travel journal during a road trip is an excellent way to preserve memories, document experiences, and track the progress of your journey. It provides a way to record daily notes and observations, including the places you visited, the people you met, the food you ate, and the cool things you did.

Writing in a journal can also help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings, providing a powerful tool for self-reflection and personal growth. A travel journal can also guide future trips, offering recommendations for visiting places and providing insights into the local establishments, culture, and history.

It’s a great idea to capture your road trip experiences and create a lasting keepsake to remember them by. Whether you’re an experienced writer or new to journaling, keeping a travel journal is a unique and fulfilling way to capture the essence of your road trip journey.

12. Karaoke

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Bring along a portable karaoke machine, and you can sing along to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere. It’s great for a long drive or late-night campfire jams, giving everyone in the car or group a chance to take turns performing their favorite tunes.

It can help break up the boredom during the drive and allow people to show off their singing skills and have fun. With a karaoke machine, you can make your road trip an extra special experience of music and laughter that will be remembered for years.

13. Road Trip Bingo

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Travel bingo is an exciting and interactive way to keep everyone in the car entertained during a road trip. The game is simple: each player gets a pre-printed bingo card with various travel items, such as “passing a lake” or “seeing a cow.” If you see something on your bingo card, cover it with your marker as you drive along.

The first person to get five in a row wins! Not only does this game help pass the time and make the ride more enjoyable, but it also helps keep multiple people engaged and focused on looking out the window, which can help reduce motion sickness. So grab some bingo cards and markers and start playing – it’s sure to be a hit with everyone!

14. Mad Libs

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Play Mad Libs. It’s a great way to add extra fun and silliness to your road trip. The game requires no preparation or equipment, so that you can play it anytime. It’s also great for family trips because everyone can join the fun.

All you have to do is gather your friends and family around and let them fill in the blanks with strange words or phrases that will create hilarious stories. It will produce plenty of laughs and keep everyone entertained during the drive.

So the next time you’re looking for something new to pass the time, try out a round of Mad Libs – it’ll surely make your trip unforgettable!

15. Portable Board Games

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas

Portable board games are a fun way to consume time on a road trip. Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but they also help keep everyone focused and in a good mood. Bring your favorite titles, like Bananagrams, Connect Four, or chess.

These lightweight versions can easily fit into any suitcase or bag and are perfect for sharing with family and friends. With some strategic planning, you and your group can play these classic games while on the go.

A Few Others

In today’s world, technology is in our daily lives. So a Nintendo Switch may be your go-to item for a long car trip or road trips, but maybe forget it at home. Watch the screen time, and break it up with fun ideas and interactive games.

There’s also the license plates game, an old school game some of us grew up with as a kid; it was always our go-to for fun things to do on the road. If you need some peace and quiet, you can always have them watch a movie.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a road trip can be an excellent adventure for families, but keeping everyone entertained throughout the journey can be challenging. However, with proper planning and creativity, it is possible to find ways to keep both adults and kids engaged on the road.

From playing games to listening to audiobooks or podcasts or even taking frequent stops to explore, there are plenty of ways to make your journey as enjoyable as your final destination.

This article has shared some valuable tips and tricks to make your next road trip an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

15 Road Trip Entertainment Ideas
See you out on the road

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