Winter Travel: Expert Tips & 16 Emergency Kit Must-Haves

Winter Driving Safety Tips 16 Emergency Kit Items

Winter Driving

Today we will discuss our winter driving safety tips and some emergency kit items we like to have in the vehicle with us whenever we travel. We’ve seen it more and more in recent years, epic and unprecedented winter storms. Often described with an edgy name, #polarvortex or #bombcyclone, to emphasize their seriousness. 

These storms are happening more often and are sometimes stretching into regions that typically don’t see these weather patterns.  This means an increased number of people have the potential to end up on the roads during a severe winter weather event.

What Tips Are There for Winter Driving?

  • Fully prep your vehicle before leaving, including removing snow and ice from your vehicle
  • Slow down – decrease speed
  • Increase your following distance
  • Avoid stopping on hills
  • Be watchful of your surroundings, what’s coming up ahead, and oncoming traffic
  • Keep headlights on
  • Use AWD or 4WD
  • Don’t Use Cruise Control
  • Steer in the direction of a skid and avoid overcorrecting when steering
  • Don’t pass snow plows
  • Have traction tires or snow chains (and know how to use them)
  • Keep up-to-date on current weather and road conditions before traveling

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16 Emergency Kit items

Below is an essential but not comprehensive list of supplies you should keep in your car to be prepared for winter driving or a roadside emergency.

Additional items:

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