Discover The Best Snowboard Bindings In 2024: Rider’s Guide

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024

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As we venture into the 2024 winter season, the world of snowboarding continues to evolve, with advancements in technology and design shaping the experience on the slopes. Bindings are among the most crucial components of a snowboarder’s gear, which serve as the vital link between rider and board.

This year, the market has seen a remarkable array of innovative bindings that promise enhanced performance, comfort, and style. Whether carving down groomed runs, tackling backcountry powder, or hitting the park for some freestyle action, the right bindings can significantly elevate your riding experience.

In this overview, we highlight some of the best snowboard bindings of 2024, emphasizing their key features and the unique benefits they bring to snowboarders of all skill levels.

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024

9 Best Snowboard Bindings of 2024

Union Ultra

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings 2024

The 2024 Union Ultra snowboard bindings are designed with several key features to enhance your snowboarding experience. They feature a Stage 11 ASYM Duraflex ST Baseplate, which increases the torsional flex of the binding, allowing for a 360-degree board flex and feel. This is part of what makes Union Ultra its responsive feel and vibration elimination, which is suitable for freeride.

The bindings are also equipped with an S15 Ultra Duraflex ST Highback. This highback has 6 degrees of preloaded forward lean, ensuring quick edge-to-edge response. The unique molecular highback bushing further adds to the freestyle flex and rebound.

The Union Ultra uses the Forma X Ankle Straps for straps, offering a combination of responsive Exoframe exterior and padded comfort. The TS 5.0 Ultragrip Toe Strap provides multi-positional options and anti-slip material to keep you secure and focused.

Moreover, the bindings feature Magnesium S1 Ratchets, which are designed to be durable and have a long lifespan with better spring return. Another notable feature is the Molecular Bushing, which is 15% lighter than Union Fused Vaporite and aims to minimize foot, ankle, and knee fatigue.

The TPE Outsole is an exclusive feature of Union, adding another layer of dampening and vibration canceling to the design. The Astro Ankle Washer is also included for added confidence and security in your riding, preventing heel cup slippage.

The Union Ultra has an overall flex rating of 5/10, balancing softness and stiffness, making it versatile for various riding styles. The bindings come with a lifetime warranty for the baseplate and heel cup and a 1-year warranty for everything else.

As for pricing and availability, the Union Ultra snowboard bindings are priced at $299.95 and come in various colors like Army, Black, Bone, Deep Blue, and Hot Red. They are available in sizes S, M, and L.

Season Universal

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Season Universal Snowboard Bindings 2024

The Season Universal snowboard bindings for 2024 are designed to be a versatile and durable choice, suitable for riders of all levels and styles. These gender-neutral bindings are ideal for all-mountain riding, focusing on providing a balanced experience.

Key features of the Season Universal bindings include:

  • A nylon-injected baseplate and heel cup, which feature a 2.5-degree canted base. This design aims to offer superior comfort and control, making it easier to manage various terrains.
  • The highback is made from flexible, robust nylon and has an asymmetrical seamless shape. This design contributes to a responsive fit, adapting to different riding styles and conditions.
  • The ankle strap is constructed from dual TPU material, ensuring comfort and support. This is important for maintaining a secure fit and avoiding discomfort during long sessions.
  • A single TPU toe cap is included for a secure fit, ensuring your feet stay in place and you maintain control over your board.
  • The bindings have metal lever buckles and a nylon ratchet, allowing easy adjustments. This is crucial for on-the-fly changes and ensuring a perfect fit every time you ride.
  • The universal nylon multidisk system facilitates connection to various board types, enhancing the bindings’ versatility.

The Season Universal snowboard bindings are available in sizes M, L, and XL, catering to a wide range of foot sizes. They come with a limited lifetime warranty, underlining the brand’s confidence in their product’s durability and quality.

Priced at $240, these bindings offer a good balance between quality and affordability, making them suitable for beginner and experienced riders looking for a reliable, all-around binding.

Burton Step On Genesis Re:Flex

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Burton Step On Genesis ReFlex Snowboard Bindings 2024

The Burton Step On Genesis Snowboard Bindings for 2024 are designed to deliver a high-performance experience with the convenience of the step-on system. These bindings are an upgrade from the Step On model, featuring a stiffer flex for increased performance while maintaining comfort and ease of use. They are suitable for all-mountain freeride snowboarding and cater to riders looking for a medium to stiff flex feel (rated about 7/10 on the flex scale).

Key features of the Step On Genesis Re:Flex include:

  • The Kickback Hammock suspension in the highback provides stability and flex. This two-piece, heel-hugging highback functions like suspension on a snowboard, offering support and responsiveness.
  • The Re: Flex Baseplate enhances board flex and feel, reducing weight and allowing for various cushioning options. This baseplate is constructed with a minimized, cored design and a Living Hinge disc, compatible with various mounting systems (2×4, 4×4, and The Channel).
  • The Toe Hooks and Heel Buckle work together as a primary retention system, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The Release Lever, located on the heel cup of the binding, allows for easy and quick release of the boot.
  • The FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster) on the highback allows for adjusting the forward lean angle, catering to different riding styles and conditions.
  • The base construction is a single component with 30% short-glass/nylon composite, balancing responsiveness and durability.

The bindings are available in various sizes, catering to a wide range of boot sizes. They are compatible with standard 4-hole, The Channel, and 3D mounting systems, ensuring versatility across different snowboard types.

Priced at around $379.95, the Burton Step On Genesis Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings represent Burton’s top-of-the-line step-in binding category, perfect for riders seeking a blend of performance, comfort, and convenience.

Union Flite Pro

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings 2024

The Union Flite Pro snowboard bindings for 2024 are designed specifically for freestyle riding, offering a lightweight and flexible option ideal for park riders. These bindings are known for their soft flex, making them perfect for beginners to intermediate riders who are learning to ride the entire mountain or venturing into park laps.

Key features of the Union Flite Pro bindings include:

  • Stage 8 Duraflex Baseplate: This is the lightest baseplate ever created by Union, significantly reducing the overall weight of the bindings. It’s also compatible with all existing mounting patterns.
  • Highback: The Stage 12 Flite Pro Duraflex Highback is inspired by top freestyle highbacks in the market. It is extremely lightweight and durable, suitable for a range of freestyle riding levels from beginner to advanced.
  • Ankle Strap: The Forma Ankle Strap is designed for rapid response and comfort. It’s lightweight and durable, fitting well with any boot model.
  • Toe Strap: The TS 4.0 Toe Strap is simple and lightweight, ensuring a secure ride. The design includes a new shorter buckle base to reduce weight and pressure points.
  • Flex Rating: These bindings have an overall flex rating of 4/10, indicating a softer flex ideal for freestyle and park riding.

In terms of pricing, the Union Flite Pro bindings are in the range of $170-$180, making them a budget-friendly choice for park enthusiasts looking for quality without a high cost. They are available in various colors and sizes to suit different preferences and needs.

Burton Cartel X Re:Flex

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Burton Cartel X Re Flex Snowboard Bindings 2024

The Burton Cartel X Snowboard Bindings for 2024 are designed for all-mountain versatility and responsive performance. Priced at around $329.95, these bindings are a great choice for riders looking for a blend of comfort and control across various terrains.

Key Features:

  • Highback: The Cartel X Re:Flex features a heel hammock and a DialFLAD™ Forward Lean Adjuster. The heel hammock provides a reinforced rubbery material for responsive heel support. The DialFLAD™ allows for tool-free forward lean adjustment, enhancing turn responsiveness.
  • Straps: The Hammockstrap™ 2.0 Ankle Strap and Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0 are designed for power and comfort. The Hammockstrap™ 2.0 combines a soft, ultralight hammock with a stiff spine, while the Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0 is a toe strap that merges two materials for support and comfort.
  • Baseplate: The Re:Flex™ Baseplate in these bindings is designed to improve board flex and feel. It’s made with a minimized, cored baseplate and Living Hinge disc, which is compatible with various mounting systems. The baseplate is constructed from a 45% short-glass/nylon composite for toughness.
  • Cushioning: The FullBED Cushioning System offers full coverage and a cushioned platform for comfort and minimizes fatigue. This baseplate cushioning is anchored at the heel and features a trapdoor design for easy access to the mounting hardware.
  • Buckles: The Smooth Glide™ Buckles are made of chrome-plated aluminum and lightweight polycarbonate, providing reliable and smooth ratcheting power.


  • These bindings are compatible with standard 4-hole, The Channel®, and 3D mounting systems, making them versatile for different board types.

The Burton Cartel X Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings are known for their lightweight, versatile, and responsive characteristics. They suit riders who demand pro-caliber control and comfort on all terrains. Their medium-stiff flex provides increased response and support, ideal for various riding styles.

Burton Mission Re:Flex

Best Snowboard Bindings In 2024
Burton Mission Re Flex Snowboard Bindings 2024

The Burton Mission Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings for 2024, priced at $229.95, is designed to cater to various types of riders, offering a great mix of support, comfort, and responsiveness. These bindings are suitable for all-mountain riding, providing the versatility needed for different types of terrain.

Key features of the Burton Mission Re:Flex bindings include:

  • Highback: Equipped with a DialFLAD™ Forward Lean Adjuster, these bindings allow for tool-free adjustment of the highback lean, enhancing turn responsiveness and control.
  • Straps: The bindings feature the Reactstrap™ Ankle Strap and Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0, designed for ultimate support and comfort. The Reactstrap™ offers a minimized construction for a secure fit, while the Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0 combines two materials for improved boot wrap and comfort.
  • Baseplate: The Re:Flex™ Baseplate in these bindings enhances board flex and feel, reduces weight, and allows for various cushioning options. It’s compatible with all major binding mounting systems, including 4-hole, 3D®, and The Channel® systems.
  • Cushioning: FullBED Cushioning System offers full coverage and a cushioned platform to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue.
  • Construction: These bindings have a 30% short-glass/nylon composite baseplate, providing a happy medium between responsiveness and playfulness.

Regarding compatibility, the Burton Mission Re:Flex bindings fit standard 4-hole, The Channel®, and 3D mounting systems, making them versatile for use with various snowboards.

These bindings are designed for riders who are looking for a binding that can handle all sorts of riding conditions, from park laps to bombing groomers, with an emphasis on durability and responsiveness.

Ride A-6

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Ride A 6 Snowboard Bindings 2024

The Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings for 2024 are designed for riders who seek a blend of high performance and durability, with a particular emphasis on responsiveness, thanks to their all-aluminum construction. Priced at $329.95, these bindings are tailored for riders who demand a robust and responsive feel underfoot.

Key Features:

  • Chassis: The A-Series Aluminum Chassis is a standout feature, offering reactive flex and efficient power transfer. This design is less rigid than previous aluminum chassis models, allowing for more reactive flex under the rider’s weight.
  • Highback: The Slimeback™ Highback is utilized in these bindings, incorporating urethane similar to Ride’s Slimewalls™ technology. This material helps absorb shocks and damp vibrations, providing a smooth ride while maintaining solid support.
  • Straps: The Two-Piece Ankle Strap is designed to offer both comfort and response. It combines two types of plastics – one for rigidity and response and another for comfort and a secure fit over the boot.
  • Footbed: The canted footbed in these bindings is another significant feature. It aligns the ankles and knees to a more natural position, providing additional leverage for better control over the board.
  • Flex Rating: The bindings have a medium flex rating of 6/10, making them versatile for various riding styles and conditions.
  • Compatibility: These bindings are compatible with 2×4, 4×4, and The Channel® mounting systems, ensuring versatility for different snowboard types.

The Ride A-6 Snowboard Bindings are an excellent choice for riders who prioritize a medium flex in the high back but want a sturdy feel underfoot. The aluminum chassis adds robustness compared to other bindings in this category, making them ideal for a wide range of snowboarders, from beginners to seasoned riders.

Arbor Hemlock

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Binding

The 2024 Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Bindings, priced at $249.95, are designed with a focus on freestyle performance and offer a blend of comfort and responsive riding. These bindings suit various terrains, including terrain parks, resort runs, and more challenging conditions.

Key features of the Arbor Hemlock Bindings include:

  • System X Baseplate: This baseplate includes 15% fiberglass content, providing an intuitive board feel and better underfoot connectivity. It’s designed to control edges while maintaining a flexible board feel effectively.
  • Highbacks: The bindings feature newly redesigned Hemlock 2 Asymmetrical Highbacks with 5° lateral pre-rotation. These highbacks are tailored to offer a softer yet highly responsive ride, enhancing comfort and confidence across different mountain terrains.
  • Footbed: The footbed in these bindings is made of EVA, which is known for its cushioning properties, adding to the overall comfort of the bindings.
  • Straps: The bindings come with a Co-Molded Ankle Strap and an Adjustable Extruded Aluminum Heelcup. This combination aims to provide a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Buckles and Levers: The buckles and levers are fiberglass-reinforced nylon, ensuring durability and a smooth ratcheting experience.
  • Other Features include a Bow Strap Adjuster and a 2×4 Universal Mini–Disc for mounting.

The Arbor Hemlock Snowboard Bindings are available in multiple sizes: S/M (Men’s 7-9 Boot), M/L (Men’s 9-11 Boot), and L/XL (Men’s 11-13+ Boot) catering to a wide range of foot sizes. Their design is focused on providing a responsive and comfortable ride for freestyle-focused snowboarders.

Union Strata

Best Snowboard Bindings 2024
Union Strata Snowboard Bindings 2024

The 2024 Union Strata Snowboard Bindings are designed for versatility and performance, particularly in freestyle and park riding, but also offer a great experience in all-mountain conditions. Priced at $259.95, these bindings are known for their medium flex, contributing to a surfy and enjoyable ride.

Key Features:

  • Highback: The Strata Duraflex ST Highback in these bindings is designed to perfectly balance flex and response, making it suitable for both park and freestyle snowboarding and all-mountain riding.
  • Baseplate: The Stage 6 Duraflex ST Baseplate enhances the bindings’ performance by ensuring the right levels of flex and response in key areas.
  • Baseplate Padding: The OTE Fused Vaporlite Bushings in the baseplate provide effective vibration dampening, contributing to a smoother ride and softer landings.
  • Straps: The bindings feature a Forma Lab ankle strap and TS 2.0 Hexgrip toe strap. The Forma Lab ankle strap offers a comfortable hold regardless of the boots used, while the Hexgrip toe strap is multi-positional with anti-slip material for extra security.
  • Ratchets: They are equipped with Aluminum S2 ratchets with a steel base, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • Flex Rating: The bindings have a medium flex, rated 6 out of 10 on Union’s scale, which balances flexibility and support.
  • Mounting System: They are compatible with 4-hole and channel mounting systems, making them versatile for different snowboard types.
  • Adjustments: The bindings provide tool-less adjustments for ease of use and customization.

The Union Strata Snowboard Bindings offer a balanced and responsive ride, making them a great choice for riders who enjoy park and freestyle snowboarding and those who want a versatile binding for all-mountain adventures.


Snowboard bindings of 2024 represent a pinnacle of design and functionality, offering boarders an exceptional range of choices to suit their style and needs. From lightweight models that provide a seamless board feel to robust bindings designed for aggressive riding, there’s something for everyone in this year’s lineup.

While each binding has unique attributes, they all share a common goal: to enhance your snowboarding experience with superior comfort, control, and responsiveness. As you gear up for your next adventure on the slopes, consider these top-performing bindings as an investment in your performance and enjoyment.

Remember, the correct binding complements your board and unlocks your full potential on the mountain.


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