10 Practical Van Life Organization Tips You’ll Love

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips

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In the realm of nomadic living, the allure of vanlife lies in its freedom, mobility, and the ability to chase adventure wherever the open road leads. However, to truly relish this lifestyle, a well-organized van is not just beneficial—it’s paramount.

Efficient van life organization ideas can transform a limited or small space into a functional, clutter-free haven. This guide presents ten professional vanlife organization tips to optimize your van’s organization and elevate your vanlife experience.

So, let’s dig in and find some van life storage ideas that’ll make your life easier!

1. Modular Storage Solutions: Maximizing Space and Efficiency

One of the cornerstones of effective vanlife organization is a well-thought-out storage and organization system. Modular storage solutions offer a versatile approach, allowing for adjustable shelves, bins, and drawers tailored to your needs.

By optimizing the interior with adaptable storage space options, you create a cohesive and clutter-free environment within the confines of your van. This not only enhances accessibility but also provides an orderly layout for your belongings.

2. Multi-Purpose Furniture: Combining Functionality and Space Management

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips

In the limited space of a van, every piece of furniture should serve multiple purposes. Investing in multi-purpose furniture, such as convertible settees (chairs do not work so well inside a camper van) that transform into beds or tables with built-in storage compartments, can be a game-changer.

Not only does this approach save space, but it also maximizes functionality, ensuring that every item in your van has a purpose and a designated place.

3. Digital Inventory Management: Harnessing Technology for Organization

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips

In the digital age, utilizing technology for vanlife organization is a smart move. Consider using apps or digital tools to create a comprehensive inventory of your stuff. This digital catalog can be categorized and accessed at your fingertips, aiding in efficient storage and quickly retrieving items when needed.

Digital inventory management minimizes the time spent searching for specific belongings, making your vanlife journey far more streamlined.

4. Optimized Kitchen Layout: Efficiency in Meal Preparation

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips

The kitchen is a vital space within your van, and a well-organized layout is essential for an enjoyable cooking experience on the road. Design a compact yet efficient kitchen layout, ensuring that appliances, cooking gear, and pantry items have designated spaces.

A thoughtfully planned kitchen simplifies meal preparation, allowing you to make the most of the available small kitchen spaces while keeping everything accessible and tidy.

Pro Tip: A Lagun table (no affiliation) comes in very handy not only for a table to sit down and eat at. Van lifers know kitchen space is limited. Add additional securing plates for you to mount your table, which will increase your counter space. Plus the arms are adjustable to be level with the counter or above it if needed.

5. Vertical Storage Utilization: Capitalizing on Height for Orderliness

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips
<a href=httpsvannoncomvan parts target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>hanging wall mount storage bins<a> to store things

When space is at a premium, thinking vertically is key. Install command hooks, racks, or magnetic strips to utilize vertical space for hanging storage on your walls. Hang utensils, pots, pans, and even shoes to keep them off the floor and within reach.

This vertical approach keeps your van tidy and maximizes storage capacity, enabling a more spacious and organized interior. A game-changer for us was adding Velcro straps to the rear doors for cord and hose storage instead of storing them in a big bin.

6. Personalized Storage Labels: Clarity for Seamless Retrieval

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips
labels can help identify bins and keep things organized

To maintain order within your van, consider implementing a labeling system for all storage compartments. Clearly label each space to indicate its contents, making it easy to identify and locate items swiftly. This simple yet effective method enhances organization, minimizes clutter, and ensures everything has its designated place.

Now, I’m not saying you should go and label everything in your van, that is just weird.

7. Regular Cleaning Schedule: Sustaining a Tidy Living Space

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-LifeTips

A clean living space is a happy living space. Establishing a routine cleaning schedule is essential for vanlife organization. Take time, it only takes a little bit of time, to declutter and clean the interior regularly, disposing of unnecessary items and ensuring a fresh and organized environment.

A consistent cleaning regimen promotes a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, making the most of the limited space within your van.

Pro Tip: Purchase a vacuum that does not require vacuum bags, this eliminates one more item that needs to be stored.

8. Clothing Organization Solutions: Streamlining Wardrobe Management

Effectively managing your wardrobe in a van requires a strategic approach. Utilize collapsible fabric bins, also known as packing cubes or vacuum-sealed bags, to organize and store clothing efficiently.

Designate specific compartments for different types of clothing, optimizing storage for campervan space and making it easy to find what you need. This strategic organization keeps your clothing accessible and minimizes clutter within your camper vans.

9. Outdoor Gear Organization: Maximizing Exterior Space

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips
with an exterior storage bin on the back and a rook rack will increase storage for gear

Vanlife often involves embracing the great outdoors. Ensure your van is equipped to handle outdoor adventures by organizing outdoor gear efficiently. Allocate a designated space on the van’s exterior to secure items like bicycles, hiking equipment, surfboards, or ski gear.

By keeping these items well-organized and easily accessible, you free up valuable interior space for a more comfortable living environment.

10. Travel Itinerary Planner: Structuring Your Vanlife Adventure

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips
planning your trip can help reduce stress

While organization within the van is essential, planning and structuring your journey is equally critical. Develop a comprehensive travel itinerary planner that outlines routes, destinations, and key points of interest. By organizing your travel plans in advance, you can ensure a well-structured vanlife adventure, allowing you to make the most of each stop and experience all that the road has to offer.

Personal Experience

In our two-plus years living in our Sprinter van, we’ve covered in excess of 60,000 miles, fully immersing ourselves in the vanlife culture. Throughout this adventure, we’ve been on a quest to refine our space while creating more van life storage and seeking ways to maximize our comfort and utility.

An integral part of this journey has been honing our van life storage game, constantly innovating to store our essentials effectively and make the most of our limited space.

Our van organization revolves around strategically creating storage nooks within our trusty van. We’ve installed shelves and clever dividers/bins in kitchen cabinets, a medicine cabinet and clothes drawers, meticulously (or at least trying to be meticulous) ensuring everything has its place. Storage bins have been a saving grace, especially in the garage area, allowing us to keep our things neatly organized.

An outdoor storage locker has been a game-changer, simplifying the switch of our outdoor gear with the changing seasons—an excellent example of how smart storage ideas can vastly improve the vanlife experience.

Our camper van has become a sanctuary of practicality and adaptability. Our queen-sized bed, ingeniously (in my opinion) designed to increase our seating area while adding a backrest made from the shortened bed portion, showcases our dedication to optimizing space while staying organized.

On top of that, our roof rack has proven to be a lifesaver by taking advantage of this additional storage capacity by providing room for more belongings on our adventures.

In the spirit of our journey, we’ve learned that the essence of vanlife isn’t just about the miles we’ve traveled but about creating organized spaces we can truly call home.

As we keep exploring and adjusting our van storage, we find inspiration in our vanlife experience, understanding that the quest for more storage and more space is a continuous pursuit—one that enriches and adds meaning to our nomadic way of life.

With all this being said, we have not perfected our organization hacks. We still have not been able to figure out our dirty laundry storage that makes sense. Where we toss our dirty clothes changes often through our travels.

We’ve improved where and how we store clothes, but we are far from having it nailed down. Mainly due to not whittling down our amount of clothes; however, this has been a lifelong problem for me.


Mastering vanlife organization is an art that can significantly enhance your nomadic lifestyle. From modular storage solutions to a meticulously planned travel itinerary, every aspect of organizing contributes to a seamless and enjoyable vanlife experience. By implementing these few tips, you can optimize your van’s space and elevate your adventure on the open road.

Happy travels, and may your vanlife journey be both organized and enriching!

Vanlife Organization: 10 Real-Life Tips
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